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No one wants to file a bankruptcy, but if the stress of unpaid bills, garnishments, foreclosure or lawsuits are keeping you up at night, call us for a consultation to determine if a bankruptcy can help you start over.


We offer bankruptcy services in Wisconsin statewide. You will work directly with an attorney instead of a staff member. We take the time to explain the process to you.

We offer sliding fees and payment plans for our bankruptcy services. Fees are based upon your income, debts, assets and the type of bankruptcy that you file. Attorney fees are a flat fee so your cost will not change no matter how many hours it takes to get you the best possible outcome.

The chapter 7 process is subject to income, expense and asset limits, which are commonly difficult to navigate.

Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Wisconsin at

Bankruptcy Court for Easter District of Wisconsin at 


We offer sliding fees for our bankruptcy services starting at $2500.00 plus filing fee. Fees are based upon your income, debts, and assets.  After your initial payment, the remaining attorney fees will be paid through the chapter 13 payment plan.


A chapter 13 bankruptcy will allow you to keep your home or car should you fall behind in your payments. A chapter 13 may also allow you to make your car loan more affordable by possibly reducing your interest rate or principal. You will need to make monthly payments through the bankruptcy trustee for 36 to 60 months depending on your income and needs but at the end you will be current on your payments. Credit cards and medical bills and the like do not need to be paid in full during the payment plan and often receive very little.

The process of completing the chapter 13 bankruptcy paperwork is very similar for a chapter 7 filer. The documents to be assembled and the information to be completed are the same as those for completing a chapter 7 bankruptcy (Information packet attachment, household goods and financial document checklist)

The Chapter 13 trustee for the Western District of Wisconsin website,, allows you to monitor your account and provides valuable information regarding what the trustee requires of you.


The first step is to call to schedule a consultation. We will discuss what options are available to you. At the consultation we will obtain a credit report. You will need to bring in your most recent paystubs. Should you decide to proceed, there is much information that must be gathered to complete a bankruptcy petition. (Information packetattachment, household goods and financial document checklist)


Wisconsin law provides you with the means to deal with creditors that are a problem without filing bankruptcy. Force creditors to accept a three year repayment plan cheaply and easily.


No need to file bankruptcy in order to stop a garnishment or lawsuit. Filing a debt amortization plan that pays a creditor in full over three years may be all you need to avoid filing a bankruptcy and prevent a garnishment or lawsuit. This option allows you to add only the creditors you are having trouble with unlike in bankruptcy where you must list all creditors. There is no requirement to disclose income, expenses or assets you simply need to agree to pay the creditor in full over a 3 year period.


The first step is to call to schedule a consultation. You will be asked to bring your most recent paystub, all bills that you wish to include in the payment plan and your payroll departments address.

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