Can't afford a $2,000.00 retainer?

Divorce, child custody or child support not contested?

Are you communicating well with your spouse or partner and don't want or need an attorney to appear in court or to negotiate with your spouse or partner?

You don't have to hire an attorney with a full retainer maybe all you need is a consultation.

You can hire an attorney as an on-going consultant to have your legal questions answered, review your documents and draft documents if necessary and only pay for the services that you actually need and not to prepare documents and speak to your spouse/partner that you can do your self.

Feel confident that you understand the process and the documents you are filing and signing without paying for services that you can handle yourself.

Some cases are high conflict and are complicated because of property, debt or child placement concerns and will benefit from full representation.

However, if you believe that your case is a straight forward affair requiring only review, then call to discuss consultation representation and give yourself the peace of mind that comes from being certain that you are not misunderstanding the documents you are preparing and that you have though of and addressed the issues that can arise after the court case has concluded.

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